I have a question about licensing…

My awesome YouTube video?

YouTube has more videos than there are people on earth so it depends on what it is. Nothing is worse than having your awesome YouTube video stripped because of music infringement.

Use our Online license for personal videos that are not affiliated with any brands or used for monetization.

If your awesome video, even if it is personal, is affiliated with a brand, company or organization, or monetized then it will use a Advertising/Branded Content license. If the video is a vlog it will also use a Advertising/Branded Content license. Short films and indie films use an Indie Film license.

Contact us if you’re not sure what your awesome YouTube video needs for licensing. We can help.

My soon to be ‘staff picked’ Vimeo video?

Vimeo ‘staff picks’ are a big deal. They love their videos at Vimeo. If your video is affiliated with a brand, company or organization then it will use a Promotional/Branded Content license.

My podcast?

You’re gonna make this good aren’t you? We have a simple podcast license that allows the track to be used once in an episode. If it’s to be used in a series (theme song, recurring audio, etc.), then you want to go custom license.

Business time?

All businesses use Promotional/Branded Content licenses. If this is for paid advertising, meaning commercial use of any kind, go to a custom license. 

My Blog?

Your blog? Yep, Blogs use Promotional/Branded Content licenses. Blogs today… well, they need a Promotional/Branded Content license.

Your Vlog?

Same as The Blog, if it’s being monetized, (YouTube ads, sponsorship, a companion blog that is monetized), then go to a custom license.

Just a bit of Self-promotion?

We all do it; we all need it, unless your mom has an incredible network. You will need the Promotional/Branded Content license. A reel of your work, your personal website, your video, your creative portfolio work, any project that seeks to promote an individual or their skills, including your personal injury law practice.

Your Showreel that sizzles?

Showreels use Promotional/Branded Content licenses. These sizzlers promote the skills and work of an individual or company, so they are promotional.

My friend’s non-profit? I’m helping them for free. It’s a 501(c)(3) non-profit?

You are a good person and making a hefty karma investment. A registered 501(c)(3) non-profit uses a Promotional/Branded Content license with a 501(c)(3) non-profit discount.

My school or university?

If it’s a promotional project for the school or university use a Promotional/Branded Content license

My school project?

If the school project is posted on web pages affiliated with the school, then you need a Promotional/Branded Content, it’d be nice to get paid if they use your work. Maybe they can credit it to your student debt?

My event video?

Your event video uses an Event license. We trust you know what an event this is.

The trade show we’re sponsoring?

Trade show videos and presentations use an Industrial license.

My company meeting or that conference that I made this for?

Same as trade shows, company meetings or conferences use an Industrial license.

My bad ass indie film/short film?

We’ve got you covered on that. Use Independent Film license and that will take care of your trailer, film festival entries, and online usage. If it is going online only, use Web/Streaming. Don’t forget us when you hit the big time and need that original score done on location in Fiji.

My Kickstarter / IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign?

The crowdfunding license covers your work while active on crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, etc. And once you start flying around in your own jet, call us. We can provide the music for your jet’s soundtrack.

My film festival entry?

Sundance or Cannes? Of course you can. For any film contest or festival use Independent Film license.


Monetization (YouTube will place ads inside or near the video and you will earn revenue that is generated from the ads) requires a custom license.

You’ve invented a new type of media?

Hit us up and we can help figure it out together.

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