the music
makes the film.

You know that difference when you hear it. What would Vader be without John Williams score?  Who would Rocky be without Bill Conti’s bright horns behind him?  Without Enio Morricone, would a western even feel western?  No way!  The best movies have the BEST music.  That’s what muusi is all about.  Music first.  We connect directors with amazing music from talented composers across the world.  We provide a simple experience to help you find the high quality music you want, license it, and download it right away. And if you want something custom, we make that happen too.

Great music is so valuable for your score or soundtrack, but not everyone understands that.  When you buy a song online for two bucks, you are essentially licensing the music for personal use.  Using music for commercial, professional, educational, industrial and other paid media is an entirely different license altogether.  That’s where muusi comes in.  We make licensing simple so you can get incredible music for your films and videos without worry of legal issues.