Licensing at muusi explained for real people with real questions.

Will I get the separate tracks of lyrical and the instrumental for the songs I license?

We asked the singer and the musicians. They agreed! These are separate licenses. If you want to purchase both to be used together we can help you with that. Hit us up

So, I got my license how long is it good for exactly?

All licenses except Crowdfunding that are purchased from the muusi website are for a perpetual term. So, the license does not expire for the original project for which the license was granted.

If you decide you want to use that same song for a different project — even if it’s kind of similar, we’ll need to create a new license for you to stay legit.

If you’ve gotten a custom license, and want to use it again for another project or simply renew the terms, then the new license will need to be negotiated. Just let us know.

I’m not even getting paid for this, is that non-profit?

Short answer: the non-profit license is strictly for registered 501(c)(3) non-profits.

Should I license for the parent company or the subsidiary?

To make sure you’re covered correctly for all the affiliations of the work we recommend using the parent company or contact us with your situation and we’ll help.

I’m working with more than one brand in this video and there are different logos, what’s the deal?

So many brands it looks like a NASCAR race during half time at the Super Bowl? Easy, you need to make a custom license.

I think this is just a personal video, right?

Yes, if it’s a home video or a video used to show past life events for a birthday, graduation, milestone in life that is only to be shared with family and friends via personal social media. It can’t contain branding, logos not even personal ones. It can’t be shared on websites that also show client/portfolio work or have links to these websites.

It’s a political video that may also contain a small bit of alcohol, nude scenes, violent matter and drugs, cool?

You just hit the jackpot! We need to make sure we have artist approval first. If you’ve got any of these elements, we’ll do a custom license to make sure everybody is on board.

Can I monetize my video?

We’ll think about it…please get in touch to discuss.

Can I get stems for my track?

In some cases, yes…please get in touch to discuss.

Before I get my license, it covers a bunch of edits I want to put up in social media, right?

Every new edit is a new sync that requires a new license. So that means you may want to figure out your social media plan first. If you post  :15 seconds of your video that is licensed on social media and it is identical to your original full length video, that, is called a “lift” and you do not need to obtain another license for that, the original covers it.

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